Weddings at The Yeatman Hotel

The Yeatman Hotel appears here on our list of possible places to get married, not because of its great capacity to hold a wedding for many guests, but because of its many qualities that make it a special place to hold these events. Located on the slopes of Gaia, with a superb view of the historic heritage of the center of Porto, we have this hotel with immense charm and a modern, refined atmosphere with outdoor spaces to enjoy the views.

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The Yeatman hotel doesn’t just have good views, its cuisine is another great asset, with Michelin-starred chef Ricardo Costa. Its cuisine is characterized by imagination, allowing the bride and groom and their guests to explore the links between gastronomy and the region’s wines. The meal can be held in different rooms depending on the number of guests and the desired atmosphere.

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The hotel values a refined atmosphere, with rooms illuminated by natural light and the possibility of decorating to the taste of the bride and groom, but always with good taste and attention to detail.

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The Yeatman hotel allows civil ceremonies to be held on site, depending on the weather conditions on the day, either outdoors or indoors. After the ceremony, the bride and groom and their guests can enjoy the excellent view while sampling the fantastic hors d’oeuvres on offer.

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The highlight of the engagement session is undoubtedly being able to capture moments against the magnificent backdrop of the city of Porto. Although it doesn’t have an extensive garden area, it makes up for it with elegant and diverse corners. In the event of bad weather, the bride and groom’s session is not compromised, as the interior of the hotel has numerous elegant and photogenic areas, allowing for an elegant and diverse session.

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Address: Rua do Choupelo, 4400-088 Vila Nova de Gaia

Telephone: 22 013 3100

Parking: Sim

Website: The Yetman Hotel

Instagram: The Yeatman Hotel

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