Weddings at Clube Universitário do Porto

Located in the Campo Alegre area near the often called Hollywood district, the University Club of Porto allows more intimate weddings to take place in a house with classic style halls where elegance and refinement are guaranteed. There is also the possibility of holding larger weddings in its tent with capacity for several guests. If the bride wishes, it has the possibility of doing the preparation (make-up and hairdo) in the main house, providing a salon with plenty of space and light to take excellent pictures.

Casamento V e R - Retrato espontâneo - Clube Universitário do Porto

As mentioned earlier, at the University Club of Porto, you can have a more intimate wedding in the main house, having halls and a bar for the guests as well as a hall where the party part can be held. If the tent is chosen, the bride and groom have the versatility to have various types of tables, whether round, rectangular, and with plenty of room guaranteed for the DJ part of the party.

In decoration there are several possible styles to decorate the tent, and it is possible to meet the taste and personality of the bride and groom.

With spacious and tasteful gardens it is also a good place to hold a civil ceremony. In the summer, after the religious or civil ceremony, the bride and groom and their guests are treated to a large garden where they can taste various starters, as well as, various types of drinks while enjoying a band playing, not forgetting also the older people, the main garden also provides various places where you can rest.

For the bride and groom session, the University Club of Porto has several places to photograph, ensuring that they will have different photos to hang in their homes. From its spacious garden where it is possible to take pictures where nature is always present, to its greenhouse that can be decorated with candles, giving an excellent atmosphere not only during the day, but also, if the bride and groom so wish, during the night.


Address: Rua do Campo Alegre 877, 4150-180 Porto

Telephone: 969 872 379

Parking: Provides the possibility to rent the parking lot of the Faculty of Science

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